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Friday, August 13, 2004
Home in three weeks

Again, Ive been slack at what Ive been up to in the last couple weeks/months.
Just got back from a week long trip to the Greek Islands, which was awesome.  Went there with Danny, Dave, and Kyle.  All we did was party and lie around on the beach.  Life is tough. 
Before that Claire was visiting for 5 days and we went down to Lauterbrunnen and saw the some waterfalls in a mountain, really nice.  We also met up with my former roomie Matt Woodham, and had a few beers with him.  Sounds like hes doing great and had a great talk with him, hopefully catch up with him when I get back to Calgary.  The next day we went to Churwalden to check out this thing called rodelbahning, which is where you go down a mountain on a roller coaster track, and can control how fast you go... it was awesome.  It really sucks if you get stuck behind someone who doesnt want to go fast as it is a waste of the ride... I think I was lucky as I only caught up to some people nearer the end.
The weekend before that I went down to the Montreux Jazz festival for the day and listened to some music, checked out the sweet Castle there... really incredible.  I headed home around 7 since it started pouring, you could see the storm come across the lake.  Other then that I took it fairly easily that weekend.
Thats a quick update of my life.
Gotta work on my final internship report, which will be fun as I have nothing to write it on, and it is 2 weeks late already. 

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Monday, July 05, 2004
Last Month

Its been ages since I updated this, after I was so good for a day or two as well... shame... been really slack on my journal as well.

Sweden was a blast, not much more I can say, met up with some great people, and had an awesome party.  The first night we got a night tour from a russian and a swede... the swede gave me some Snus (some sort of chewing tabacco)... it lead to my demise, as I puked for the first time in europe.  I did however rally after that and had a pretty good night.  Next day went to Upsala to discover that we weretn meeting there anymore and went back to stockholm.. met up with some buddies and had a great time watching the Sweden - Holland game.. made lots of friends in the Stadium.  Went out afterwards and met a really nice 33 year old Swedish girl.  After ditching my friends for her, the next day I ended up having almost no way of contacting them.  My only hope was to meet up with a friend who stayed in Uppsala and was training it back the following morning.  Well, as luck would have it I did meet up with him, and we found our way to the hostel... and finally everyone else.  Next day we met up with a friend I met in Australia, Mira.  We hit up a kebab shop, where drunk as I was, decided to tell the Palastinian guy behind the desk that I was in support of him... until Dave stopped me and said I dont think he wants to hear it... it was however a delicious kebab.  Then we had the pleasure of going to a gay bar, wow, I never expected it to be so gay... so we had a beer and left... thats when Dave and I recieved a public urination ticket, which I never paid... hopefully I can get into Sweden the next time I try.  Managed to make it to another bar after that and had a good time.  The following day met up with Louisa and Ashlyn, and did a little sight seeing with them, in the night we played some sociables which ended up with all of without clothes... good times...
So that was Sweden.

Then shortly after it was Canada day, I was struck with the Swedish flu (almost everyone who went got sick)... so decided not to partake as I wanted to party hard on the weekend.  But it was a great time, everyone got quite drunk, especially those doing the Centurion.  No stories that really stick out, aside from everyone pissed off the roof, causing the entrance way below to really stink.  Ah... some Swiss guy came out at abouot 12:30 and threw a huge tantrum saying we were fucking loud and hes writing his Phd test tomorrow, and our turkish friend Mert wanted to fight him, and everyone was getting mad... that was interesting, it did shut the party down though, as the last bus was coming.

The following day was Zuerifest, a party they have every 4 years in Zurich.  Kyle and I walked up and down the streets.  There was a little water leak spraying water onto the pathways.  We decided to just sit there and watch unsuspecting people who walked through the water get a fright.
Ill finish the update some other time

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Friday, June 25, 2004
Off to Sweden

Had a great night last night, after Ali’s apero from 4:00-5:00 I went back to work, where Marion left pretty much right away, so I was free to go as well… then I was off to play beach volleyball, but Danny and Dave had wussed out, so I went and played basketball with the new praktikants. Had a blast.

Went back to Du Parc (where I live)… made some chicken schnitzel and rice with sweet chili sauce of course… and chatted with Andre for a bit… took the 9:13 train into Zurich where the IAESTE weekly meeting is and saw most people from the Airboarding weekend. Also to my surprise was the England – Portugal game… which was amazing… couldn’t believe after Portugal scored in extra time, that England tied it up. Crazy… so off to Penalty shots… Beckham could be the goat again, as he missed the first shot… but England tied it up only to eventually lose on the 7th kick.

After that just hung out with Andrea, Andre, Annasiri, and a few others till we got kicked out.

No more trains were running so I stayed over at Andrea’s place J

Today am off to Sweden!! And today is midsummers eve, one of the biggest nights out there… so hopefully we can find a good party when we get there, might have to ask some strangers whats up.

Going to meet up with Mira (Swede I met in Australia), Louisa and Ashlyn, then some other former Badeners… cant wait!

Have a great weekend everyone

Posted at 10:02 am by mattprice
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Thursday, June 24, 2004
BBQ in Siggenthal

Went to a Barbeque last night at out near Siggenthal. Had a great time, good people, good conversation. A spanish girl named Anna made some spanish drink and did some spanish dancing. Pretty cool. Ended up back at Marcos place where I crashed on the couch, so had to get up the next morning and catch a train to Baden. That’s the big things, cant think of anything that sticks out from my night. The other Marco wanted to sleep out in the woods because his motorbike was there, didn’t want to leave it J .

Cooked some chicken which everyone aside from Andrea raved about, just marinated it in sweet chili sauce (greatest sauce ever) + bbq + ketchup + chili paste + garlic…. Quite delicious.

On the train out there we were in a cart with some girls who could scream quite loud, Andrea was in the bathroom so she wouldn’t have to pay and got to miss out on the girls screaming. Ugh.

Tonight I will probably go to Zurich for the IAESTE weekly meeting, see how that is. I really need to get some sleep at some point, because there isn’t going to be too much of that in Sweden.

Just gotta get through the work day now... almost lunch time... Yes.

Go get Sweet Chili Sauce now.

Posted at 11:52 am by mattprice
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Teresas Birthday

It was Teresa's birthday last night, and for the first time yet, I saw her drunk... and was she ever drunk.  She was slapping Danny in the face for no reason... laughing to herself for ages over nothing... Kyle got her to kiss Ruben on the cheek for a long time, saying that he would grab his crotch... he didnt, so she kissed him for ages on the cheek and looked like a fool.
Went and watched the Italy - Bulgaria match afterwards... which was alright, Italy won, but doesnt advance because of goal differentail, poor italy.
I learned today Teresa vomited last night in the parking lot, and then proceeded to insult everyone in the room... kind of like Halloween in 2001.  "They are in my puke, you idiots"
Tonight I am off to a barbeque with PSI people, Andrea, Fabio, and Giovanni... its some special day so it should be cool...
hope to catch up on some sleep before I go to this thing as I am dead tired.
Three updates in one day... usually it takes me 4 months to do that...
Ive made a note to make more updates, so as usual, hopefully I update it some more.
Ciao for now

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The Day after Tomorrow

Saw the Day after Tomorrow on monday with Andrea.  Nothing special, the effects were good, really neat seeing LA ripped apart by tornadoes and New York crushed by tidal waves, but I wouldnt recommend paying money for it.  Just a pretty poor story line... your typical  disaster movie.
After the movie was fun though :)

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goddam.. just lost my entry
went to engelberg for airboarding...
the airboarding part was so so, but the rest of the weekend was cool...
airboarding would be really cool if you could see 10 feet in front of you, and the snow wasnt wet...
first run was cool as the fog hadnt moved in... thats when I fell off the track down a mountain for a few meters.
So after that it was kinda crap... it was fun when chris and I were slamming eachother around with the airboards.
Got back to the hostel, where we watched some soccer, then played a game called mafia


check it out, sounds wierd, but is really cool.  I drank a fair bit of captain morgans spiced (thanks Ian) and had a great time playing... the citizens just about won, but one of ours made a poor choice... oh well.
Then on to the pub crawl, which wasnt much of a pub crawl... found one bar that was open so we went in.. had a few drinks, watched some soccer... then went to this small club that was open.  Really good time there.  One of the girls on the trip was one I have liked for a while, and have always thought things were promising, but nothing has ever happened... well after getting a pep talk from Keith, I finally kissed her, and it went over quite well... made out for awhile and so on :)
the next day did a hike out to a waterfall, then went to a swimming pool... which was awesome... just played volleyball... did a swim in the outside pool which was freeezing!
good times.

Posted at 02:21 pm by mattprice
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Monday, June 14, 2004

Went to Mallorca this previous weekend and had a blast, just 4 days of partying and going to the beach

Met this shooter girl the first night who comes up to me and offers me a shot... I turn it down (it was all you can drink alcohol, and she was selling jello shooters for 3 euro)... so she talked to me for about minutes telling me I would have perfect sex tonight if I had one of these and that I was hot and knew it, etc. I hadnt had any luck with girls that night (packed with mostly guys in this bar), and I said "the only way I am having perfect sex tonight is if its with you, cause Im not picking up tonight"... so we talk for a few more minutes and she says "give me twenty minutes and I will come back" she gives her shots to the bartender and goes off... 30 minutes later she comes back and says she cant find her friend and doesnt know how much money she made... can I give her 5 more minutes and then she will be back... so I wait, and wait, and wait... I at least could watch my sleeping friend at the bar and drink water while I waited... so you guessed it, she didnt come back... bitch :)

Next night was also a gooder, we were going to this bar called Titos, one of the best on the island... on the bus were a group of about 15 american girls... we had some vodka/coke in bottles we were passing around... and Dave and I had been chatting when I overheard one of them say "i dont think its just coke in that bottle"... so I say, how did you guess?? And went on to say that we could only afford one bottle and had to pass it around... so they ask where we are from, etc... then one girl says "what language was that you two were speaking earlier"... I would have liked to have seen my expression after that :) "uh... English"

so I made fun of this girl for a while about that... having a great time.

so we went and bought some beer at a store and left the american girls saying we would meet up later.. and went to this waterfront strip to drink... met some pretty cool local girls (I think)... proceeded to get quite drunk

then went into the bar

dont know what i did for a bit, but I ended up making out with one of the american girls, just after I first kissed her she had to go to the bathroom, and while I waited this hot, hot girl (I think we met her on the pier) grabbed my hand and dragged me out to the dance floor... and was shaking her ass dancing all over the place... and I had a concience (sp) and figured I couldnt do anything... although Im trying to convince myself that nothing could have happened... anyways, made out with the american girl, she didnt want to come back to the hotel with me cause she might do soemthing bad... what are we on holidays for?

oh well, back to Dave.. he also made out with this american girl... but his was a little arrogant you might say... i have a quote page that we wrote the next day

"I really love junk food, but you would never tell looking at my body"

"My eyes are the best, they are way better then yours"

"Americans have the best food"

talks in Spanish "oh whoops, I forgot you dont speak spanish, you should learn it"

thats all that I can remember... pretty funny stuff

next day was the least exciting bar night, went to the pier again, met some 16 year old italian girls, went to the bar, no one spoke english, dave and I decided to go back home, trying to get a cab was impossible, so we figured we would each walk on a different side... we lost each other and I walked around for the next hour and a bit trying to find him... no luck... found 2 brazilians that we came with and spent another hour trying to find another cab... eventually did... pain in the ass. Apparently the Brazilian girl that came with us (also the girl I have had sex with a few times), and I said we would have sex that night... oh well... she has a boyfriend and doesnt really do it for me anymore.

Next night back to the first bar, where the shooter girl came to our table, and did a pretty funny double take... and she tried to convince Dave to buy shots from her... not giving up at all... the first night, she also said if I didnt have perfect sex, she would buy me a shooter... so I asked her if she remembered what she said to me... she said yes "would you like a girl if she had one night stands" was what she asked me...

I said "I wouldnt date her, but I would have enjoyed one on thursday night"

so she says "ok I have to sell one hundred of these things, but wait around"... do I play the fool again I ask??

so I went out danced for a bit, drank some... then figured I would go check on her... she tells me shes sold them all, and is quite excited.. she says she has to talk to her boss, wait right here

so she comes back and says we have to go find her friend, so we find her, go get a drink... after wandering around for a bit... I tell her "look I have a flight pretty soon, so if you want to do anything we should go now" she asks tells me she has a boyfriend and that she loves him and he is here tonight, that she was going to break up wtih him on friday or some shit... unbelievable... then she asks me if I can just stay one more day: I ask her "what good would that do"

so im not to happy... i decide to go home, and I had to laugh on my way home... oh and she said I had to give her my email because she was wants to go to Toronto soon and I am such a nice guy that she would like to try to have a relationship...


Well I hope you enjoyed the story, pretty funny if you ask me

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Last weekend I went to Paris
Saw all the major tourist sites.  Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomph, Notre Dame, the Sacrè Cour, Moulin Rouge, Catacombs, Champs-Elysees, Concorde Park, Gardens and Palace of Versailles, and Im sure theres more... unbelievable how much there is to see there.  And the crepes are delicious, along with this one kebab stand we found... Ive never had such a big kebab, and it came with pomme frites.  Score.  Not much in the randomness in Paris, kept it pretty tame and no real stories that come to my mind.  Still a great weekend, kind of exhausting though, so much to see there.
Alright this weekend Im staying in die Schweiz and going to Interlaken with a Dave, a girl we met in Prague and one of her friends.  Martin, Danny and Jay are also going.  Should go off.
Go Flames

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Weekend in Munich mit Ian und Kyle

Well it has been a really long time since I have updated this page, and I will try and do a bit better from here on in. Ive been at the point where there is so much to write about that I cant be bothered. So I will just post some of my unfinished group emails and just try to keep up to date for the summer.

Two weekends ago I was in Munich with Ian and Kyle. What a random weekend. Friday was a pretty normal night out, went to the Nacht Galerie… I don’t think I have ever seen so many hot girls in one place. There wasn’t a bad looking girl in the club. Drinks were dirt cheap to, about 50 eurocents per beer or shot (after a 10 Euro cover). Met some highschoolers and were doing shots with them, then the bartender was giving us free shots cause it was his birthday. Ended up staying there chatting with people until 5:00AM in the morning, until the bar closed. Then went back to the hostel where we chatted with an older lady, who was staying with her husband in the hostel. I told her I had taken a video of her husband snoring, she seemed to find it funny. Went to bed at 5:30.

Woke up the next day at around 11:00… thought we were alone in the room, so were being quite crude… doing the things guys do (fart, talk about girls, insult each other, kyle hanging his balls out, the usual things)… then realised that there was still a girl sleeping in the room. Whoops!

Kyle and Ian both forgot to bring towels with them… so they got to fight over my towel when I was finished with it. Kyle grabbed it and never let Ian use it… Ian had to use his shirt J

When I got back from the shower this girl asked me what we were doing today… so I told her the things we had planned… I could kind of tell she wanted to come with us, but I really didn’t feel like having her with us. Went to brush my teeth, came back and she was asking Kyle and Ian what they were doing… then she just came out and said "mind if I tag along, hehe". It is quite hard to describe all this without sounding like an asshole, especially in writing, but this girl had no self esteem, and as Ian says "shes fucking crazy". So we walked around Munich, made it to the English Gardens and sat down to have a beer. Ok Im not gonna mention this girl, cause I cant do her justice in writing. Ask Ian when he gets home. Played hacky sack in this park for awhile and had a super high/drunk guy come join us… reeked of BO, kissed us on the next when he left, raged on the ground, threw a bottle at a tree… grabbed my hand and dragged me over to where the bottle was to kick it… almost had his hand bit off by a dog… and after he got kicked out of the park, fell into a little stream, took a girls balloon and let it go… really random. Then saw a guy walking around naked in the nudity part, strutting his stuff, cause he had a huge cock… pretty funny. Then went out to a bar called Alabama with all you can drink for 16 Euro… so got drunk… walking around and this girl in a wheelchair starts hitting on me… so I talked with her for a bit when she says "my boyfriend says I can do anything but fuck with other guys"… hmm… then "want to meet my boyfriend?" so I chatted with him for awhile, and I think she made out with another guy while this was going on. Really weird day.

Not much more to note… so Ill finally update the blog.

I will try to be a little better for the last three months.

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